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  • Receiving a national or international award in their field
  • Having a membership which requires outstanding achievements
  • Work being featured in high profile publication, or mainstream media
  • The applicant has served as a judge of others in the same field
  • Have notable published articles
  • Have made original contribution of major significance in their field
  • High salary
  • Other evidence of expertise that does not fit and of the criteria above

Spouses and children of an O1A visa holder can apply for O3 visas. By doing this it will allow you to accompany the primary visa holder for the extent of their stay in the United States. You can either arrive with the O1A holder or later. Note that O3 visa holders are permitted to only study and can not work in the U.S

The O1A is like the EB1-1 but it should be noted that the permanent residency requires more evidence than the O1 Visa.

If you do not meet the qualifications, you may look at the EB2 (Exceptional ability) or EB3(Labor certification) green cards.

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Yes, there is no limit on extensions, but the visa holder will have to show that they are still in their field. Extensions are available in 1-year increments.

No. The O1A status can only work in the field that they have identified in. An exception to this rules related to an entertainer who has added additional engagements or performances that requires a person of O1A caliber.

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